NZ-666 Kshatriya WIP: You Can't Always Get What You Want

NZ-666 Kshatriya WIP: You Can't Always Get What You Want

You can't always get what you want... First were the feet... I sprayed some aluminium on the thrusters there, masked them with BluTack and then proceeded to spray on Mr. Hobby Color's Burnt Iron... Without priming the piece first... It did not went well...
Kshatriya WIP - Feet fail
This is what I get for being lazy... and maybe thinning the paint too much... This look would be ok/desired if I were weathering this suit, though :)

Then I went on with the work on the emblems - you know, the silver/black parts with NeoZeon logos on it, etc. that go on the hands and such.

Kshatriya WIP - It started ok
It started OK - with a nice layer of aluminium...

Since the provided stickers are a laugh, I had to come up with something different. GaiGun already tried tackling this problem when working on his amazing Canary of Death, but: 1) there weren't such "convenient" stickers provided with Kshatriya and 2) I thought (and I still do! ;)) that I came up with a better solution. As you see from the main picture above, it can produce some nice results... but because I used hairspray instead of good ol' Future (I thought that hairspray would provide a harder, tougher protection), I created a layer that did not stick to the paint underneath (aluminium) and got ripped of easily:

Kshatriya WIP - Emblem fail
Again, this would look nice on a weathered kit ;) But at least now I know why FichtenFoo uses hairspray for his awesome rust effects

So I'll try again, this time with Future as the protective layer and report back with the whole process nicely described :) For now, I cleaned up the pieces:

Kshatriya WIP - Emblems win and fail.jpg
What the hell? It's like this kit is begging me to do some weathering to it!

Kshatriya WIP - Emblems win and fail 2
I must say - I like this look and will definitely try weathering some time in the future (when I gain some more experience :))

But not everything went bad... :D The binders are coming together quite nicely. To expose the funnels, I decided to paint the cavities that they are docked in with light blue. It might seem like a odd colour choice, but it should nicely fit with the general colour scheme I chose :) Here's the process:

Kshatriya WIP - Binder masking part 1
First, I painted the cavities with light blue

Kshatriya WIP - BluTack
Then I took some BluTack...

Kshatriya WIP - Binder masking part 2
...and pressed it hard against the cavity - so that it covers it whole and then some

Kshatriya WIP - Binder masking part 3.jpg
Next, gently rolled back the parts that are outside of the cavity. You can finish here, if the result is satisfactory or...

Kshatriya WIP - Binder masking part 4.jpg
...take a BBQ stick/toothpick and make some final "adjustments". Voila! Now, all that's left is to prime it and paint with metallic black :)

One last thing that failed (ugh, that's a lot) was the main colour I chose - since it's a bright colour (think pink or the like) it did not look good when sprayed directly on Mr. Surfacer (awesome as he is ;)). So I bought some Mr. Base White 1000 and will see how it turns out now :)

Till next time~

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Posted May 28, 2010 4:34 AM | #


I've never seen anyone using blutack to do masking, but it sure looks like is effective.

Is fun to experiment in gunpla building ain't it? I enjoyed reading your progress.

For those emblem pieces (I am also going to build my Ksahtriya soon too) I will just paint the whole piece black then just use a fine brush to brush on paint from a white Gundam marker. Is that how you achieved yours, but with silver paint?

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