NZ-666 Kshatriya WIP: Not Much To Report (NMTR)

NZ-666 Kshatriya WIP: Not Much To Report (NMTR)

Not Much To Report (NMTR) due to Mother Nature messing with me - first, the temperatures dropped from ~20C to less than 10C - WTF. Then it started raining day in and out. And now there's a serious threat that the city I live in will get flooded (it already once got flooded for a frigging month 13 years ago - I didn't live here then though). So, yeah, busy week ;)

As for our little heroine (I think we all agree that Kshatriya is female, right? ;3) - the pic above shows the second batch that got primed. I don't think I need to show you the "after" picture - just think the same parts but all grey :D

Kshatriya WIP - Some masking
Preparing the leg parts to airbrush on some aluminium (screw you, Americans, that's the correct spelling, not aluminum)

Kshatriya WIP - Batman.jpg
This BatmanZeon's emblems will need some extra working - the stickers provided are unacceptable, but I have an idea how to deal with this - more in a later post

Kshatriya WIP - Delicious Gundam feet in the making
Delicious Gundam Feet (DGFtm) in the making - masked the thrusters to preserve the aluminium look and then proceeded to spray on Mr. Hobby Color's Burnt Iron (cool colour, btw)

Apart from that, I've finished painting the most of the parts - the only colour left is the main one. Since I want to keep my colour scheme a secret for now, there's no point in posting black and white pictures ;)

Coming up next - ...more water from the sky and earth (aka rain & flood).

PS: Anyone have any tips/advice on airbrushing and humidity? Lately, my airbrush started spitting water now and then - despite having a special filter that's supposed to prevent that :/

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