What is this abomination?

What is this abomination?

So, I must confess something - it's my first time building a gunpla. I have some experience in modeling in general (by "some" I mean "built some models 10-so years ago"), but building gunpla is different then regular plastic models (of tanks, aircraft and such). So I took extra effort to not make any blunder and do everything by the book (or in this case - the manual).

I won't disclose the name of the Mobile Suit yet (although, it shouldn't be too hard to guess...), but look at this:

Gundam1 005.jpg
It's a Crabdam!

Crabdam 2
Uh-oh... It seems it hasn't noticed me yet...

Crabdam has left the building!
Phew... It's walking away... :saaafe:

Have you ever ended up with a funny looking half-baked (or intentionally crippled) gunpla?
PS: This reminded me of a something I saw over at Busterbeam...
Something something

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